The Origins Of Logical Thinking: Nature vs. Technology

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Logical-Thinking-HeadIf someone were to ask you whether infants can solve problems using deduction, you may not even stop to think before saying ‘No, of course, not’. However, even though infancy has been long discarded as an age in the development of a human being which is also known for solving problems and deducing solutions, through scientific research it has been noted that this is quite possible. The research has also shown that we in fact know very little about babies and their logical peak, which is now proven to come at a much younger age than anyone would have thought.

How Human Infants Think

04fc5c74-a90b-4bed-9777-a49ee7ce90e9During the first year of baby’s life, it shows lovely smiles with an occasional adorable cooing. Actually, the first year of baby’s life is essential when it comes to making transitive inferences and learning more about the social hierarchy of dominance. During the first year, a baby learns how to behave among other people. A study has shown that in this period of their lives human infants are actually capable of solving problems by using deduction! What is amazing is that this study shows that babies which are only 10 months old, are in fact capable of deductive problem solving, something which has been attributed to older children in the past. Psychologists at Emory University, and researcher Bucknell, proved that babies can make transitive inferences about the social hierarchy of dominance even when they are just 10 months old. Researchers also claim that they have found significant evidence to prove logical reasoning in babies. Logical reasoning that was previously thought to be reached at about four or five years of age.

How Does Technology Influence Babies’ Development?

Technological influences on development of logical thinking in babies still needs to be researched into further detail, in order to prove the link between logical thinking and technology. However, during their early years human offspring still mostly interact with people, therefore the influence of technology is not too big. Still, as our environment changes, people become more and more technologically saturated. This applies also to toddlers and infants, who also interact with these technological devices. Parents give in to their children and give them these overpriced toys, but still it can be said with certainty, that  an interactive technological tool will not only engage your child for a while, allowing you to enjoy them playing in a silent and safe activity, but it will also influence their logical development in the long run. Children use everything around them as a means to learn about the world, and this also applies to digital materials.


Still, for the moment being technology has not influenced their logical thinking in such a large extent as simple human interaction. We do not know what the future holds, but it is possible that with the development of technology even the development of humans will change in some way. All we can do for now is to wait and see.

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